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Will You FLY With Me?

Hello, my name is Franny and I live in CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome).

I have joined FlyLady.net three times in the last five years. I have decided, now that we're getting home before 9 or 10 pm (most days), that I will DO it again - and succeed. Ivy's *taking off* and our house is not especially baby proof.

I know I will stick with it this time. Why? Because this morning I told Josh, "Since we're able to stay home decent hours now, I'm going to do Flylady and I'd like your support."

He laughed at me.

He wasn't being mean. Unfortunately, that was his honest reaction. I don't blame him for laughing. Like I said, three strikes so far.

But that was pretty good incentive. Plus, I've almost gone through all of the clothes, again, and weeded out winter and outgrown outfits. Josh has been working on clearing out the 'back room' that absolutely must become the 'kids' room'.

This time, I've decided not to sign up for the email right away, either. I'll admit that I never follow Flylady's advice to take it slowly, babysteps. I try to do it all, then get overwhelmed very quickly and get caught up in a whole lot of email clutter.

I own Sink Reflections, and I've decided that if this is to become a life habit, I should take it easy. Maybe one chapter per week before adding anything new. Or at my own pace, anyway, however long it takes. I'm not going to sign up for the groups until I've got my routines down consistently (I was in both the FlyLady Mentors group and a local FlyLady group).

So, would any of my friends out there like to embark on this journey with me? If there is an interest, I will keep track of my progress on a new filter. If not, I'll just put it behind a cut.

This time I will be victorious. I have two energetic and mobile kids, six puppies, and a boyfriend who laughed at me. Slow and steady babysteps! Who's with me?
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