Ahavah Ehyeh (ahavah) wrote,
Ahavah Ehyeh

2016 Close Out (Thank God!)

Like just about everyone on Earth, I believe, 2016 has sucked majorly for me. I will consider myself lucky beyond belief if I make it into 2017. May 2017 be infinitely better than 2016 ever was!

Right now we're struggling with no water. Our well pump has gone out, and it will cost somewhere around $2600 to fix everything. We can't afford that, unfortunately, so we're living without water until we can. Josh has a coworker who may have an old well pump, though we don't know for sure if it works. I'm hoping there's a way they can check that before we have to pay anyone to come all the way out and install it. Otherwise, it's better to just buy a whole new one through the people who install and let it be warrantied.

Our phone and power bill both decided to skyrocket at the exact same time. Apparently we lost a $30 discount we had since it expired (unexpectedly, on my part), plus we're behind so we're hit with late fees until we catch up. So it's consistently $50 more than I usually budget for it. Also behind on power, and our electric soared this past month – I'm hoping only because of the well pump constantly trying to work until it wears out. Now our power bill is nearly $500. While trying to save two thousand, and me not working!

I've considered getting a job, but we're so far out that any paycheck wouldn't really compensate truck wear and tear plus gas money. I'd be working for the gas money, basically. So I've re-buckled down on my novel even though I was already working on it. It may take me a few months, but I will start submitting it one day soon.

I do need to invest in some huge water containers of some sort so we can fill up at the convenience store. Our pump is holding in enough to flush toilets, but we get water from the faucets only sporadically. I'm hoping we can get this fixed before it stops completely and we can't flush anymore. With five people, four of whom are female, this is really sucking! I plan to go to town next week and see if we can qualify for a loan to fix it, but I bet we won't qualify for such a big amount yet. I've only just started learning about finances and moving to create some good credit for us. Good thoughts appreciated for the loan.

Meanwhile, we have tons of doctor/orthodontist appointments next week, so all our 'extra' money will be going for gas. It sucks living way out in the boonies! I should have realized we wouldn't be self sufficient enough to pull that off. But we like it here, and it's beautiful, and Josh doesn't want to leave. I kind of do at this point, but I'm sure it's just because I'm overwhelmed. If it's not one thing on this house, it's another, and they're piling up faster than we can fix them.

In happier news, I have learned how to play a few songs on the guitar. I bought my guitar last Christmas, but I only started getting serious about learning & practicing about three months ago. So now I know a handful of chords and a few less songs. I'm very proud of myself.

According to Goodreads, I did not make my 2016 goal of reading 35 books. But I've read 27 (and 10.5k pages), which is close and better than I've done in probably a decade. Plus I've read a lot of magazines and online stuff. And I also have four or five other books that I'm partway through but haven't finished. So I didn't do too badly. And I did make my To Be Read (TBR) challenge goal.

I also got back into poetry this year. I don't think I'm good enough to start sending stuff out, but I might just suck it up and try anyway. It's just been soooo long. Still, I'm reading and writing it again, and that makes me happy.

Got nowhere on my quest for a service dog.

I do have my one good friend who's been making an effort to spend more time with me, and that has meant a lot.

I have so many goals for next year, and maybe I'll get around to writing them all out. The main one boils down to PROGRESS. I just need to make sure we keep moving up and making steps forward rather than backward.

But we've made it (knock wood), so I guess we can call it a win. I'll still be really glad when it's over, though.
Tags: books, finances, goals, life, poetry, writing

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