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Intro Post

I have a lot of new friends, so I thought I'd do a little intro post.

Hi, I'm Ahavah! I'm a mid-30s writer, doula, Reiki Master, and shamanic practitioner. I home/unschool my three girls, whom you will meet below the cut. Seven years ago, we moved out to Missouri to live our dream of homesteading. We have 40 acres, and we've named our little farm The Grateful Stead.

We had a lot of setbacks recently, but we keep moving forward. Right now we have four chickens, three dogs, and two horses. Well, one horse and one pony. We had an outbuilding fire about a year ago, and my husband lost all of his tools, which has been a huge loss to the farm. Still, we're replacing them one by one, and he's currently building me a new brooder box so that we can start building our little stead back up this year.

I've just completed my first novel. Well, not first I've ever started, but the first I've ever completed. I'm working on revision and hope to start sending it out this spring. My little blurb is:


Fifty years after leaving the solar system, colonists aboard Akupara, Earth's first generation ship, discover that magic is real. They encounter what becomes known as The Anomaly, where everyone who was asleep at the time awakens to find their dreams manifested in inexplicable ways.

Captain Adele Mills struggles to maintain peace and order while searching for answers, but as fear and division spread, a civil war seems imminent. The captain's credo is Above all, the Mission - but finding a planet is a long way off, and every aspect of the Mission has changed.


I also enjoy writing fan fiction, and I'm trying to get into fandom more (since that's where everyone/potential friends seem to be). My main fandoms that I write in are Kushiel's Legacy, Supernatural, The Walking Dead, and Firefly, though I do dabble in some others when time allows. Especially femslash drabbles, as I really enjoy the femslash100 community. I go through spurts there.

Let's see, what else for my little blurb...poly (but my husband is not, so stuck in mono-land); kinky/waaaay into bdsm (but my husband is not anymore, le sigh), pansexual, fat (but trying to fix that), struggling with mental illness (but looking for a service dog), and I have severe memory issues which cause has not been found yet. I often can't remember things about my own family (or yesterday), let alone internet folks whose faces I have never seen, so please don't take it personally if it takes me years to remember things about you or to stop mixing you up with other internet people. I truly mean no offense by it and simply struggle with remembering everything anymore.

I've recently started a 'memories' tag where I am logging a lot of good memories that I don't want to forget. Because I used to have a perfect memory, but now I can't remember a thing, and it's the greatest source of stress in my life right now. I try, I really do.

I talk about my family quite a bit, so please allow me to introduce all of us. This is me (please excuse the no-makeup selfie):

Amanda selfie

Here's my husband, Josh. I caught him just coming from the shower, so you actually get to see some of his long red hair (which is prettier when it's brushed, but he rarely wears it down so I caught what I could):


Here are our two oldest girls, Eden and Ivy:

Eden & Ivy

Our youngest, Maya. As you can see, she received makeup packages for Christmas. She's the girliest girl I've ever had:


Here's Eden with our dog, Chi Chi. Chi Chi kind of claimed me as her human. I am actually currently looking for a doberman to act as my service dog, but Chi Chi really wants to apply for the position, I think, despite being tiny and self-absorbed:

Chi Chi

We have two farm dogs, who have a nice, insulated house outside (don't worry!). This is Shmirtzy, who got his name because when he was a puppy, he looked exactly like a canine version of Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz:


And here is our newest addition, Chance, so named for his second chance at life. We usually get all the animals dropped off at our farm. We are rural and have no animal control, and people noticed we take care of our animals. So we find new ones dumped all the time. We had previously agreed 'No more dogs until the service dog', but then Josh was at work when he caught someone trying to shoot this dog and his stray mom. Josh saved him and brought him home to live with us after the mom ran off. We're not sure if she survived or not, but thanks to Josh, Chance did.


So that's our little family!

I've recently quit facebook, and it was the greatest thing I have ever done. But if you want to find me anywhere else online, I can be found here:

[archiveofourown.org profile] ahavah
[twitter.com profile] ahavah (rarely)
[pinterest.com profile] amack0202
NaNoWriMo, where I am Municipal Liaison for the MO: Elsewhere region.
LinkedIn, where I am new and could use more connections.

So that is my rather large nutshell. It is a pleasure to meet you, and I look forward to getting to know you better!
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