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Episodes in Cute

* All I've heard from Eden this week: "More basket from Mister Bunny?" Ha. I keep telling her it's Easter Bunny.

* Ivy's crawling all over the place. Eden's constantly clapping her hands together and calling, "Come on, baby! This way! Good girl!" Already, they're running around getting into trouble together.

* Eden has discovered how to hold a tune. She still doesn't know most of the words to her songs, but she's singing them beautifully! All week long, as soon as she's woken up, Eden busts into "Good morning, good morning from the sun! Good morning, everyone!"

* Last night, Eden was mean. She missed her nap and had waaaay too much chocolate. She wouldn't go to bed. So we piled in the car, intending to go to the store. Car rides usually help.

Well this time, Eden just wouldn't listen. She got in trouble because she just kept hitting Ivy and trying to take her toys. Finally Josh took everything away from both of them and yelled, "Put your head back and close your eyes!" She did. Of course, within (literally) seconds, Eden had fallen asleep.

And as soon as her eyes closed and her head dropped over to her side...Ivy grinned, as if to say 'My chance for retribution!', immediately reached out and grabbed a fistful of Eden's hair, and began waving gleefully.
Tags: eden, ivy, life
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