Ahavah Ehyeh (ahavah) wrote,
Ahavah Ehyeh

Accountability Post...So It Begins

Thank you so much to everyone who agreed to help keep me accountable! Now I feel more compelled to do things so I have a positive report today. I'm going to try to remember to make periodic accountability posts. Please feel free to post your own To Dos or Ta Das, so we can all rally for encouragement and cheerleading.

I'm also trying to stay on the Habitica.com wagon. It's a fun game where you gamify your habits and to do lists. You get a little character to eventually be a warrior, mage, rogue, or healer. I was a rogue first and have recently started over as a warrior. It helps me a lot when I stick with it. If that's something that interests you, let me know and I'd be happy to add you to my party there as well.

Today is a write-in day, so I'm going to get back on my writing schedule. If anyone wants to join us for writing sprints, we'll be in my Write Now chatzy room from 10 am – 12 pm US Central time. I'm revising my novel and have made it through Chapter 13, which is about a third of the book. I'm hoping to finish revision by the end of March, so I really need to stick with it. That's one of my top-priority goals right there.

I had my IRL writers' group last night, and one of our members encouraged me to submit more of my novel for feedback. I've shared the first couple of chapters but kind of felt like I should just finish revision and have someone beta the whole thing when I'm done. He said he was interested in reading more though, so I've now submitted through Chapter 4 for feedback from them. I'm nervous-excited to see what they say, because this is as polished as I can get it right now. I still worry that it's going to be too long, so hopefully they'll give some feedback on what needs to be cut.

My other goal for today is to get back to decluttering. I'll check-in throughout the day in the comment sections to report what will hopefully be lots of progress.
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