Ahavah Ehyeh (ahavah) wrote,
Ahavah Ehyeh

Foraging: A Beginner's Guide to Foraging Wild Edible Plants and Medicinal Herbs

Foraging: A Beginner's Guide to Foraging Wild Edible Plants and Medicinal Herbs, by Jane Aniston, is a “to be read” choice for my 2017 Reading Challenge.


Not worth the free price I paid for this. Roughly 10% of the book was the actual book, with 4-5 pictures (not pages, individual pictures) of plants to identify. The other 90% of this "book" is shilling and previews for the author's hundreds of other books. The bulk of this foraging book is actually all about bath salt recipes, plus homemade deodorant, anxiety, and other random subjects the author apparently wrote short books about.

It was taken down off Amazon and looks to be reprinted with a different cover and new surname, under which a great many other books are also listed. I'd suggest the author spend time making one complete and informative book rather than smooshing them all together and releasing a billion 90-110 page books, especially if they all include at least a dozen other off-topic books within.
Tags: books, reviews, survival

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