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Kushiel's Scion, by Jacqueline Carey

I'm in the middle of rereading my favorite books, the Kushiel's Legacy series by Jacqueline Carey. I have already reviewed the first trilogy, so I'm picking up with a review of the fourth book, or the first book in the Imriel Trilogy.

Kushiel's Scion, by Jacqueline Carey.

Kushiel's Scion

This is another great Terre d'Ange book, this one beginning Imriel's trilogy. Imriel's voice is different from Phèdre's, and yet the world is the same. We see more of the world in this book, following Imri to his studies in Tiberium and his quest to learn how Anafiel Delaunay learned the arts of covertcy. There is still intrigue, war, sex, worship, loyalty, and all the things that made the first trilogy great.

I'm inclined to give it five stars, because Carey is just a master at creating wonderful worlds. She has a way with words that I only wish I could emulate. Her writing draws you right in and keeps you there. My only issue is that she once again seems to have a pet-word misusage, incorrectly using “bemused” throughout the whole thing. It's almost annoying enough to dock a star, but I still plowed (lovingly) through the book and she still managed to bring me to tears, so the writing is too well done to nitpick that way. Still, I wish her editors would catch those sorts of things.
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