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The Straight Girl's Guide to Sleeping with Chicks, by Jen Sincero

The Straight Girl's Guide to Sleeping with Chicks, by Jen Sincero

Straight Girl's Guide

I see that some reviewers take issue with the title/approach and feel that this book supports homophobia. I've given that some thought, but I tend to think that it is more geared towards women like myself who have only had straight experiences and are curious about female sexuality. The book tries to encourage women to let go of stigma attached to their genitals and their sexuality and embrace a whole buffet of sexual experiences. Things might be for you, it might not, and that's okay. That goes for sleeping with women, anal, whatever. I personally think it's a decent book for the curious, and it lets people label themselves. Since it normalizes female love affairs and lesbian sex, I don't feel that it's too homophobic.

Sincero's humor is a bit try-hard for me, and I'd call it 'aggravating' more than 'sassy', but that's a matter of personal taste. I'm not sure I really dug the Barbie doll sex position pictures – I prefer drawn pics – but some folks might find them helpful for visualizing. I did learn quite a lot. It's at least given me new ideas of things to try with myself or in my erotica writing, whether I ever get to explore lady love or not. It has one of the best resource appendices that I've seen, and I'm glad I bought the book for that alone. It lists books, websites, movies, porn, and sex shops, but the author also talks a little about each one and lets you know what they're like. That's going to be invaluable for me. I'd probably call this more 3.5 stars from me, but I have to round lower rather than higher compared to some of the other books on sexuality that I've been reading lately.
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