Ahavah Ehyeh (ahavah) wrote,
Ahavah Ehyeh

Free Kushiel's Dart e-book

You guys know I LOVE Kushiel's Dart. If you're wondering what the hype is, go here to download it now as Tor's free e-book of the month. You have to download it by July 19th, so hurry!

What, exactly, is Kushiel's Dart?

Imagine an alternate medieval France where the inhabitants are descended from angels. A god-touched courtesan is saved from a life of ignominy and becomes a spy who must save the realm! There is such amazing worldbuilding and plotting in this novel. Sex is part of their religion, and our heroine is marked to feel pleasure in pain, so there is plenty of sexy time, including bdsm sexy time. But that's only a bonus to the rich tapestry that is this book. Check it out!

You can read my full review here on Goodreads.
Tags: books, squee

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