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Dear Yuletide Author

Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you for writing a fic for me! I am remarkably easy to please. I love everything from fluff to darkfic, gen to any kind of slash, canon characters to OCs, happy to tragic endings, canon compliance to crackfic... as long as you avoid a few squicks, I am almost guaranteed to love anything I get.

I enjoy every aspect of BDSM, mind games, polyamory, unrequited love/sexual tension (I also enjoy the requited kinds). The only squicks/DNWs that I can think of are: rape/non-con, abuse (consensual BDSM is fine), scat, watersports, Mpreg, a/b/o, weddings, coffee shop/high school AUs.

I'll try to give a few prompt ideas because I know some people really appreciate them. Please don't feel tied into these ideas, though. It's just to give you some idea of what I love and squee over. If you need more insight into my fandom loves, you are welcome to check out my [archiveofourown.org profile] ahavah

Kushiel's legacy I
Imriel Trilogy

Kushiel's Legacy – Imriel de la Courcel, Mavros Shahrizai, Phèdre nó Delaunay, Ysandre de la Courcel

Characters are definitely an OR situation -- you do not have to use all 4 nominated characters for your story.

I love the interactions between Imriel and Mavros and Phèdre and Ysandre. Anything showing their friendships would be awesome. If you want to take it beyond friendship, I ship these two pairs hard. I'd love to see more of Mavros helping Imriel come to grips with his Shahrizai side! Or even just a light-hearted romp together, or a trip to any of the Night Court houses. I would so love to see an assignation between Phèdre and Ysandre! Surely there's been at least one while Drustan was away (or include him too, if you like).

If you'd like to center a fic on the complicated feelings between Imri and Ysandre, that would also be cool. Mavros's feelings for Phèdre are maybe less complicated, but feel free to explore those as well.

I enjoy epistolaries, so letters between any of the characters would interest me as well. I think the first person POV of the books lends itself to this well, but I would also enjoy seeing things from Mavros's or Ysandre's POVs.

I'd be interested in further exploring any of the plotlines from the books OR in seeing how things settled down in the aftermath. What is Mavros's role in Imriel and Sidonie's court? Does Ysandre begin trusting the Shahrizai a bit more after Imri proves his worth and the matter with Melisande is finally settled? Does Phèdre ever start taking assignations again? How does Imri feel when he finally becomes a father?

I will revel in anything that shows more of this world or these awesome characters. Anything! If you'd rather write what's it's like growing up as some random Eglantine adept or a provincial rube who becomes a Priest of Naamah, or what it was like when the angels walked Terre d'Ange, I would love those just as much.

Being Human

Being Human (US/Canada) – Aidan Waite, James Bishop, Josh Levison, Nora Sergeant

Characters are definitely an OR situation -- you do not have to use all 4 nominated characters for your story.

I really loved this show, and I felt like it ended far too soon. The ending was sadly rushed, so feel free to handwavium as much as you like.

I really love the relationship between Aidan and Bishop. I'd enjoy seeing anything from any of their time together. I like the glimpses back into various points in history (with or without Sally hopping around therein). I'd love to see more of how they built a vampire empire together. Or I'd love to see more of Bishop's origin story. I've always wondered about the circumstances around his turning.

I'd also be interested in any other 'daughters' they've turned besides Susanna. Female vamps got too little screen time for my tastes, so feel free to explore that more. How would Bishop have grown if he'd changed his human love instead of killed her? Or if you want to get shippy with A&B, I'm game for that too.

I really liked getting to see into Josh's “shamanic journeys” as he came to accept his wolf. I'd love seeing more of that internal struggle and growth with him. I'd enjoy seeing him and Nora create a pack that doesn't go all to hell. Or show what it's like with them as parents raising little werewolf babies. Do the kids inherit Josh's super!wolf powers? Does he create a new line of super!purebreds?

Josh/Aidan interplay is fun, too. I like both super!wolf and socially awkward Josh. Feel free to include any other characters, or alternate timelines. This canon works well for crossovers too, if that's something you're interested in. I'd love any more time with this world, whether it's day-to-day slices of life or over-arching battles between competing supernatural beings.


Fear the Walking Dead – Nick Clark

I like just about all of the characters, so feel free to include anyone else you might like. Nick is currently my favorite, though. I'd love to see more about him dealing with his addiction/addictive personality in a post-apocalyptic world. I don't think that was explored enough in the show. Or maybe show us some of his adventures when he runs off by himself/walking with walkers. A deeper look into any of his relationships would be interesting. Nick is a guy who seems to create plenty of feelings in others. Feel free to explore relationships with any other character (all would be interesting in different ways), or even with an OC. I think we're starting to see him become a little more badass, so feel free to explore his feelings as he trains, kills zombies, or kills people. It would be interesting to see him take a leadership role over Madison (they have a complicated relationship) or Alicia.

Thank you again for considering writing a story for me!
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