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A Breath of Snow and Ashes, by Diana Gabaldon

A Breath of Snow and Ashes, by Diana Gabaldon.

Breath of Snow & Ashes

CW: As I feared and have come to expect, this novel features even more rape.

I waffle between three and four stars for this one. I like it much better than I liked the last two, but I think this has a lot to do with the fact that I took a long break from the novels. I guess we'll call it a 3.5, but I'll round it up to four.

The book kept my interest the whole time and had some wonderfully vivid scenes. Gabaldon is a bit repetitive, but this one was well plotted with most loose threads neatly wrapped up by the end. I found some of it predictable and wasn't really surprised by many of the twists, but she did surprise me about one particular theft. I see some complaints about all the sex scenes when Claire and Jamie are supposedly “old” now, but I don't consider them old and find their healthy sex life refreshing if sometimes repetitive. I enjoy a more mature heroine and have no problem with their aging.

I still find her books disturbingly rapey and didn't think that the rape(s) in this book adding anything necessary or desireable to the story, and I didn't particularly like the way the aftermath was handled. Yet another disappointing rape scene. That drops a star at least for me, but I'm talking myself into rounding downward so I'll just wrap up here.
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