Ahavah Ehyeh (ahavah) wrote,
Ahavah Ehyeh

December Blogging Meme Masterpost 2017

I'm stealing this December meme from [personal profile] dreamwriteremmy

- Pick a date in December and give me something to talk about.
- You don't have to be following me or ever have commented to request a topic.
- If you are doing the meme, I'll leave topics for you, too! Feel free to link me at any time if you want one.
- Feel free to suggest multiple topics/dates.
- Feel free to just leave a topic and no date. I'll fill it in.

Topic Ideas

Fandom (I'm not huge into fandoms, but I'll try. Main fandoms: Firefly/Serenity, Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Kushiel's Legacy, more if you want to check out my [archiveofourown.org profile] ahavah), reiki, pregnancy/birth, homebirth, parenting, family (Josh, Eden, Ivy, Maya), LGBTQ+ (about myself or parenting a trans child), homesteading, animals, writing, spirituality, paranormal, homelessness, childhood, kink/sex positivity, hiking, American Sign Language, random questions. Nothing off-limits!

Friday Dec 1st –-N/A--
Saturday Dec 2nd -- Spiritual topic of my choosing [personal profile] alexseanchai
Sunday Dec 3rd -- What you're most looking forward to this month [personal profile] zhelana
Monday Dec 4th -- Pregnancy/birth whatever [personal profile] alexseanchai
Tuesday Dec 5th -- stuff about your family (traditions/hopes for the new year/funny quirks) [personal profile] fliz0ntoast
Wednesday Dec 6th -- Who is your favorite author and why ? sayuri2023
Thursday Dec 7th
Friday Dec 8th
Saturday Dec 9th -- Homelessness [personal profile] fliz0ntoast
Sunday Dec 10th
Monday Dec 11th
Tuesday Dec 12th -- Did you have a pet (or pets) as a child that you could blog about? [personal profile] fliz0ntoast
Wednesday Dec 13th -- When and how did you come out about your BDSM/kink lifestyle to friends and family and what reactions did you get? [personal profile] tjoel2
Thursday Dec 14th
Friday Dec 15th -- How goes life raising a trans child? [personal profile] sparkythegeek
Saturday Dec 16th -- The story behind your user name [personal profile] zhelana
Sunday Dec 17th
Monday Dec 18th -- Learning ASL [personal profile] alexseanchai
Tuesday Dec 19th
Wednesday Dec 20th
Thursday Dec 21st
Friday Dec 22nd -- Homesteading [personal profile] katiedid717
Saturday Dec 23rd -- Solstice [personal profile] alexseanchai
Sunday Dec 24th
Monday Dec 25th -- Any big plans for the kids' week off school? [personal profile] katiedid717
Tuesday Dec 26th
Wednesday Dec 27th
Thursday Dec 28th
Friday Dec 29th
Saturday Dec 30th
Sunday Dec 31st -- Best moment of the month [personal profile] zhelana
Tags: friends, life, memes

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