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My Favorite Teacher

I don't have anything on the docket for the December Meme today, but I figure I'll try to keep up with daily posts anyway. My posts have been sparse, and mostly book reviews or daily updates when I make them, so I figure I ought to let you guys know me a little more personally.

Today I'd like to talk about my favorite teacher. If we're lucky, we all have an awesome favorite teacher in our memory. Mine is my second grade teacher, Mrs. Moore. She was my teacher the one and only year I lived with my dad.

Mrs. Moore was awesome. She's the teacher who encouraged me to become a writer. She told me I had talent and that I should continue to write, and I have ever since then. She also took one of my stories and gave it to an editor friend – I actually cried at the time, because it went 'missing' – and surprised me some weeks later when my story, Cloud Castle, was published in a magazine.

This was around the same time I took some testing and was labeled 'gifted'. I learned later that Mrs. Moore approached my dad about letting me skip a grade but he said no. I wish he'd talked to me about that! I was always so bored in my classes and dreamed of skipping ahead. At any rate, Mrs. Moore's teenage /young adult-ish daughter started coming to school to be my special friend and do fun activities with me.

Mrs. Moore also had movie day every Friday, and she always gave us those little ice cream cups with the little wooden spoons. We would watch awesome shows like Willow and Faerie Tale Theatre. I remember that she loved Scottish Terriers and had two that she would tell us about all the time.

When I was in tenth grade, we had an English assignment to write a letter to our favorite teacher. I wrote a letter of thanks to Mrs. Moore and mailed it off to the elementary school she taught at. I eventually received a letter back informing me that she had passed away the summer before. I was crushed, especially since I had wanted to track her down when I went to visit my dad that summer and I never did. She was a very special lady, and I'll always be grateful for the way she encouraged me when I was little.
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