Ahavah Ehyeh (ahavah) wrote,
Ahavah Ehyeh

I hate winter. I just hate it. I get pretty bah-humbug this time of year.

This morning, our pipes were frozen and we had no water. I went out to the well house in the dark and butt-ass cold to see if I could fix it. Our heat lamp's cord had been severed at some point, so I couldn't turn that on. I flipped the breaker a couple times just to see if it would help, because that was the only other thing I knew how to do. Nothing. So I had to wait until Josh's check was deposited so I could get some groceries and a new heat lamp. Luckily, it only took about 15 minutes to thaw once we had one. I was relieved that that's all it was. We were without water for months last year and had to shell out a large chunk of change to fix the well, and I was really afraid we were going to be dealing with that again.

I also went to pay the power bill, and it nearly doubled this past month. I've told Josh that he needs to put plastic up over the windows. That seems to help a bit in winter. We've got to do something, because the bill is just too high, especially with Christmas on the horizon.

Josh has another friend named Josh, and that Josh's dad gave us a doe he shot about two weeks ago. Now that my freezer is full of meat, I'm contemplating trying to do another Whole30. The Whole30 is an awesome elimination diet/health reset that really turned my life around the first time I did it. I wish I'd kept up with those healthy eating habits, but it seems I have trouble with binging. When I go off, I go off big time. I've tried to do a couple of Whole30s since then and fell off the wagon each time, although a couple times I got pretty sick and just couldn't keep up with all the cooking and eating. I actually eat so much more when I'm on Whole30, and it will be a challenge to budget that now that Walmart has quit its price matching program.

Having a freezer full of free, healthy meat certainly would help though. I would have to splurge on some good fish, which I rarely get because of the prices. I do really well when I eat more fish, so I guess I need to stop making it a splurge and make it a habit. I wish I had access to some rabbit. I could probably hunt some down on local facebook groups, but I have a very fixed income and still need to get Christmas presents. I'll probably have to save that until next time, although I'd really like to try raising rabbits again soon. We tried a few years back with disastrous results (our rabbits couldn't seem to get pregnant), but they're supposed to be a really good meat resource. It might be hard to do Whole30 over Christmas, but I think I did it one other year and managed all right.

My biggest problem is going to be quitting pepsi. I'm so addicted to it. I've managed to quit smoking and all manner of drugs, but pepsi always draws me back. I can never seem to kick the habit for good. I'm debating whether I should try to wean off before trying Whole30 or to just go cold turkey and take the withdrawals for all the sugar all at once. I've been trying to cut back by drinking more lemon water.

I might seriously need some cheerleading and tough love when attempting Whole30 again. I'm tired of failing at it, especially when the first one was so good for me. Please help me stay strong and stay on the plan! I know there's a big NaNo-esque event that starts every January 1, but I don't know if I want to wait that long. Part of me wants to just go ahead and jump right in here in the next day or two.
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