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Artemis, by Andy Weir

Artemis, by Andy Weir

This was a fast and relatively okay read. It didn't particularly wow me.

The worldbuilding is really great, and you can tell this is a guy who knows and loves his science. Whereas the science really supported the story in The Martian, here it does not and really, in my opinion, only slowed the story down. My eyes glazed over many a time, especially during the heist itself and during the many descriptions of welding.

I appreciate that Weir tried to include more representation in his work, but it ended up feeling like tokenism. The heroine is a lapsed Muslim of Saudi Arabian descent, and yet she speaks and acts like an American male teenager. She had a sassy gay, Jewish friend who was mostly there to make gay jokes. The bad guys were Brazilian mobsters. The environment is supposed to be run by Kenya, but everyone speaks English and acts American.

There was far too much emphasis put on Jazz's sex life and body, especially for a book where no sex actually takes place. Jazz is a loose woman with a heart of gold, though definitely not a prostitute, even if it's legal and she really wants to make that money. I just didn't buy his (mid-twenties!) female POV at all. I think she was supposed to be 'sassy', but she just came across as a very immature teenage boy. Now, I can relate to someone being so frustratingly poor and just wanting a better life, but Jazz stresses about what a small-town atmosphere it is and how everyone knows everyone else's business. Yet she agrees to this 'heist' idea – a plainly ill-planned idea from the start – and doesn't seem to worry that anyone will know it was her or wonder why she suddenly became a millionaire after.

Then the ending was pretty anti-climactic and yet pretty unbelievable at the same time. I think I give this a 2.5 star, rounding up to 3, because it was an okay read. That's really the word that best describes it: okay.
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