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Parenting a Trans Kiddo

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[personal profile] sparkythegeek asks: How goes life raising a trans child?

It's going pretty great!

We initially said no to public school because we had heard less-than-stellar things about our local school, and given the hugely religious, conservative area, we did not think it would be a good place for Ivy at all. I'm very glad to say that I was wrong. The school has been awesome! Ivy has to use his own private “gender neutral” bathroom, which is not ideal, but that was a compromise we were okay with.

The only real issue that's come up has been with PE class. For a while there at the beginning, Ivy was having trouble in PE and kept going to the nurse due to chest pains and breathing issues. We didn't know what could possibly be going on, as he'd never had problems like that before. However, Josh figured out what was going on – Ivy was exercising in his binder, which is a big no-no! Ivy did not have enough time between classes to change, but once I was able to tell the school what the problem was, they worked with the coaches to make sure Ivy has plenty of time to change before and after class. We've had no further issues since then.

When we can make it, we drive up to Transparent meetings once a month in St. Louis. There's a support group for parents and a 'gender-creative kids' club' for the kids. Ivy loves it!

So far we've had no hassles. I only hope that continues.
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