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[personal profile] katiedid717 asked me to talk about homesteading yesterday, and I'm sorry that I didn't do it! I ended up being gone most of the day, and I was just too tired once I got home.

We moved to Missouri eight years ago to pursue our dream of homesteading, but these last few years have been miserable failures. We did all right at first, when we still had a little money. We had a decent flock of chickens and a dairy goat and her kids. We'd gotten a couple more goats, but then all of them got sick all about the same time and all died off. I'm still not really sure what killed them.

We tried rabbits, but we're maybe the only people in the world who couldn't get rabbits to breed like rabbits. We tried and tried but never got a successful pregnancy out of them. We had a false pregnancy or two, but we never saw any babies.

We successfully raised a pig once, though it kept escaping and ruined my yard. The dog that I had at the time got loose one morning and attacked her pretty badly. She didn't make it, so we harvested what we could off of her and rehomed the dog. He'd been killing chickens too, which I was trying to break him of, but after what he did to Muriel, I had to admit that he just wasn't a farm dog.

I've not had a lot of luck with my garden, either. It seems like I can only grow rocks and weeds. One of my new friends, as I mentioned the other day, said that I really need to try to make raised beds. I might have to just break down and do it.

Our brooder box burned in our outbuilding fire we had either this February or the last one. I forget. We've still got metal out there that Josh hasn't hauled off, and I'm eager for that to get done. At any rate, Josh has built me a new brooder box, but we also need a new coop. Our old one is now a broken hunk and pile of wood out in the yard.

I'm going to get us back on track this upcoming year. I'll need to talk Josh into the building part, because I don't know how to do any of that. But I want to focus on chickens and my garden this year, and maybe if I don't spread myself too thin and make sure to work on it every day, maybe it'll start looking like a little homestead around here again.
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