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Flight Plan

Morning Routine

-- Brush teeth, wash face, astringent, moisturize, make-up

-- Get dressed (to the shoes), hair

-- Let dog out/feed

-- Kids ready/fed

-- Make bed

-- coffee & email

I learned this morning that this takes much longer than it looks on paper. Did get impatient and get slightly side tracked by computer. I bought eyeshadow, mascara, and lash curler last night at the dollar store. Will buy better later.

15 minutes of good cleaning each day (at least)

We are gone a lot during the day. More should be done when we stay home all day.

Evening Routine

-- Brush teeth, floss, wash face, mask &/or face cream

-- Jammies, pick out clothes for morning

-- Check/pack diaper bags

-- Make sure sink is shiny, lay out new towel, make coffee for a.m.

-- Take care of dogs

-- distance healing, prayers, meditations/journeys

If it's late, I often skip the routine. No more. And I'm not as regular as I should be about my meditations and journeys, so that will be my something I do for myself in the evening - hopefully at least every other day.

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