Ahavah Ehyeh (ahavah) wrote,
Ahavah Ehyeh

Whole30 Day 10

I totally broke the rules today and weighed myself at the gym. I've lost 5 pounds! I also went against recommendations (not actual rules) and had a fruit smoothie, which I've been craving.

B: Banger sausage patties with sweet potato mash and caramelized onions (from the Whole30 recipe book).

Though it was really more like burnt onions, and my sausages took forever to bake. It called for 15 minutes, and it took 40! Maybe I do have a problem with my oven? I've never had any issues before though. Anyways, I was not impressed with this recipe. I didn't like the lemon zest in the sausage, and it didn't taste like sausage. Next time I'll just google a paleo sausage recipe.

L: Venison steak, homemade season fries, avocado.

Pre-WO mini-meal: Hardboiled egg

Post-WO mini-meal: Hardboiled egg + sweet potato fries

D: Banger sausage patties with sweet potato mash and caramelized onions. Fruit smoothie (strawberries, half banana, mixed berries, OJ).
Tags: whole30

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