Ahavah Ehyeh (ahavah) wrote,
Ahavah Ehyeh

Wayward Sisters

So how do we feel about Wayward Sisters? The pilot left me feeling pretty ambivalent, which is hugely disappointing since I SHOULD be so incredibly stoked. I (like just about everyone else) always had a problem with Supernatural's penchant for killing off or perma-victiming female characters and have so often wished for more focus on badass women. I've even specifically wished for more of a focus on Sheriff Jody Mills herself, so this was like a dream come true.

Only...it wasn't.

Pretty much the best part, for me anyway, was the line along the lines of “Sam and Dean have gone hunting, and they haven't been home in a few days.” A nice little nod, and a good way to get all the ladies together.

I'm not sure I dig Claire as the lead. I would rather see Jody as the main character, and I just hope to hell that they don't decide to kill her off.

I'd have been perfectly happy with a women-centric monster-of-the-week show, although I like centering on Jody and all the girls she's helped (and maybe more in the future?). I don't know that I like this whole new dimension, predator-bane monsters, and evil!Kaia twist at the end. I hope my doubts prove wholly unfounded, but … yeah, ambivalent is just the word I'm left with.

I still hope it gets picked up, and I hope it's an awesome pro-women SPN-like show, with all the humor and general flavor of the original.
Tags: squee

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