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Eden is fourteen, soon to be fifteen. She's still a bit immature for her age, but she's smart as a whip. She says she hates public school, but she's doing well in it and she has this Scholar Bowl thing that she gets really excited about. It's a trivia group, and apparently she's one of their strongest members. She's wonderfully artistic. She almost always focuses only on Pokemon though. She's a big Pokemon fan. Her favorite snacks are the sour gummy bears from Dollar General (NOT sour gummy worms, and she doesn't really like other brands). Recent testing, according to the psychologist, suggests that she might actually be on the autism spectrum (what has previously been considered Aspergers). I wish we'd caught it earlier. She's very antagonistic and always wants things exactly her way. She and Maya fight each other too much. She prefers to be off by herself all the time, although Josh and I try to make her do family time every now and then. She loves animals though, I mean ADORES them, and has always wanted to be a veterinarian when she grows up.

Ivy has been out to us as being transgender for almost a year now (he – or rather, Eden – told us sometime in February last year). He seems really happy. He has some friends at school who have been inviting both older kids over for play dates and parties. I'm relieved that the parents are including Ivy, because I was initially afraid given the conservativeness of our area. He thinks he's not very sociable, but people always love Ivy and he easily makes friends (though he would tell you he doesn't). Ivy is particularly gifted with his keyboarding. He can't read music and he's all self-taught, but he does really well. I'm very proud of him for learning and practicing all on his own. He loves music and would like to take singing lessons, which I wish I could give him, but we can't afford it. Ivy is a big fan of dark chocolate. He's actually my kiddo who will eat anything I make without snubbing his nose at it. He is Maya's Person and gets along great with both of them, but he's been struggling with Maya lately. I think he's outgrown most of the stuff Maya likes to play, but he still always makes time to play with her. It makes me proud.

Maya started out the school year a bit behind the other kids who had been in preschool and worked more on letters and spelling than we had. She's catching up by leaps and bounds, though. She's been getting good notes sent home pretty regularly lately, and her teacher is proud of how far she's come already. She was in a special reading class to help her out, but she's done so well that she doesn't go anymore. Maya loves playing with little toy figures like Littlest Pet Shop, Shopkins, and she loves dolls. One of her favorite games is to play at the sink, filling a pitcher with water and floating all her little toys in it. She can amuse herself for an hour or two playing with water like that. She also loves to dance. Maya likes those little cola bottle snacks. She's my big cuddle bug, and I will be so very disappointed when those days are over. I love our cuddles! Maya likes to do sweet things for the people she loves. She made Daddy a paper figure of himself, and she did a really good job. She likes to put together healthy snack plates for me with Whole30 foods she knows I can eat. She's made us both bracelets, necklaces, drawings, etc. She's a big love head.

Josh is the love of my life. We get along so well together, for all that we're polar opposites. He's been having trouble eating for about a year now, and the doctors can't figure out what's wrong. It really worries me, because people need to eat. There are only a handful of foods that he can eat without his stomach giving him major trouble, and they're all foods that the doctors said should make things worse, like bacon, pickled sausages, meat sticks (slim jims), etc. Josh is good at pretty much everything he ever puts his mind to, which is sometimes frustrating but always inspiring. He bakes, sews, can crochet cool hats (although he doesn't do it anymore), make crafts, build things. His current passion is making bows, and he hopes to be able to quit his job and make/sell bows full time. He's very good. He can make them out of PVC pipe (which all look cooler than you'd think) or wood. He can even make crossbows. He dances, but never in public. I love to watch him dance though. He's wonderful with the way he moves. He doesn't read a lot unless it's a textbook or how to, so he doesn't really read any of the stuff that I write, but he always talks them out with me and helps me in more ways than I can count. He knows my stories probably better than I do, for all that he doesn't read them. He used to be really into exercise, but he can't do quite as much anymore since hurting his back a few years ago and with his tummy troubles. He still does a little workout every day though. He really likes to hike, and we'd enjoyed our hiking dates alone since the kids started school. We haven't done them since the weather turned cold, but I'd like to try to go out again soon if the weather stays as mild as it has been. He's great at bushcrafty stuff and is always looking to learn more.

I really love my family. They're so unique and awesome, and I have a good one.
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