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Long Time No See

I haven't updated in a long while, so I thought I'd check in. How's everything going? Life has finally gotten back to normal here (knock wood). Last month was hard, because the family just kept getting sick one after another. I was sick two or three times, lasting a week or more. Maya was sick three or four times and got kept &/or called home from school on several occasions (and apparently she's not allowed to go on the class field trip if she's missed too many days, so she's probably going to be punished for being sick when they called us several times to go pick her up). We just all kept catching stuff from each other. That's the only real major con with public schooling now.

With being so darned sick last month, I got WAY behind on both my emails and my many, many pen pal letters that I got from that ad in Grit magazine. I have a big intimidating pile with many letters a month old that I need to try to start tackling again today. I'm especially sorry to my original pen pal, [personal profile] rileytheleo, whose last letter I got just before getting sick. I still haven't gotten a chance to respond, but I am going to definitely play catch up this week.

I took Ivy to the salon Friday, and he's got a much shorter cut now. It's short all over except for a side-parted patch of long up front, which he has dyed blue. He really loves his new cut, and this is really the first time that he's had a typically “boy look”. I can tell how very happy he is with it, and that makes me happy even if Josh said he came home (before the blue) looking like Justin Beiber. Not really, though. Ivy looks fabulous!

Maya made me make her another appointment to get her hair cut even though we just cut it short a few weeks ago. But now it's over her ears and she doesn't want it over her ears, plus I'm sure she just wants a cut because Ivy and I are getting one. Josh doesn't want her to go too short and is trying to tell me what to “let them” do, and I'm fighting for Maya because it's her hair and I feel she should have it the way she wants it even if she is just 6.

My mom rarely let me do what I wanted with my hair growing up, and that always bothered me (and is probably part of why I did dreadlocks as an adult). Speaking of, my appointment is Thursday and I will be getting them cut off. The stylist said she would help me try to salvage/comb out some of my hair around my face, because I don't just want to be totally bald. It seems locked up kind of loosely up top, and she thinks we can salvage some. I've had them for two weeks shy of 4 years. But I find myself always tying it back the same way, wearing it the same day in and day out, and it's become a hair rut again. So time for a change. I'm glad I finally dreaded up like I always wanted, and I've had a whole lot of fun with them. I will miss them. My bestie is bummed. She says they suit me and she doesn't want to see them go. I have to keep one for her and Ivy.

I'm taking a break from writing because everything I write sucks horribly badly. I'm hoping a nice long hiatus will help. I may have given up on my magnum opus novel that I'll never ever finish.

I'm instead focusing on the homestead more now that it's Spring. We have six chickens that are starting to get big. Josh has built me two raised beds, which we filled with leaves and horse/pony manure, but now we're all out of manure so I'm not sure how I'll fill more when we want to make at least two or three more. They're 2 feet deep, and I think he said 8 or 9 feet long. My friend Doc came out two weeks ago and planted the first bed for me. He planted radishes, lettuce, collards, beets (even though I said we wouldn't eat them – he urged me to try the greens, so I will), and I think maybe something else, but I don't remember. Yesterday we finished the second one, and I planted another row of lettuce, kale, tomatoes (beefsteak), and bell peppers (California Wonder). I gave Maya the corner to make a little mound for her pumpkin that she really wanted to plant. I had a little patch left in my herb bed too, which is not a raised bed – although one will be put there as soon as my garlic is up. Anyway, Josh broke that patch up for me and I planted some cilantro and arugula. My garlic that I planted in fall is doing well, and my strawberries from two years ago have multiplied and made a little patch right in the middle of my garden spot. And of course the mint is coming back, because I can't get rid of it.

My birthday is at the end of the month. It falls on a Friday this year, which means Josh and I can have a date day while the kids are in school. I told him I want to do something special. I'm rapidly nearing that 40 mark, man. Just a few more years. When does middle age start? I feel like I've been there a long while already.

I am pleased to say that I've been exercising just about every day this month. It took me a while to get into that particular NYR, it seems, but I'm finally at it. I've been doing the ab roller, which is kicking my ass, and trying to get to where I can do good push ups again. I used to do JROTC in high school and could out push a lot of the guys, but now I can't even go very far down for one with my bad elbow and humongous body. But I'm working back at it again, and eventually I hope to see some kind of results. Not seeing any yet, but I've been in a lot of decrepit old lady pain, and I'm told that eventually leads to gain. I'm doing a bunch of other stuff too, switching things up every day. I'm really only getting in a few minutes every day, but I've been doing it every day pretty consistently except for one free day where I did a lot of drinking instead.
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