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Weight Loss Progress

The weekend I decided to get serious about losing 50 pounds, I started by making healthier food choices. I had plateaued after losing 18 postpartum pounds. By changing what I ate, I lost 6 pounds over the weekend! I was also broke that weekend and had no money for Pepsi's, my evil diet nemesis. I did start drinking Pepsi's again after having the baby, but I am trying to cut back. I was going to start taking regular walks with my babies, but I injured my knee Sunday and am still favoring it a little.

I ended up gaining back two pounds, and so I waited until I had lost them again to do an update. *grins* I've decided to reward myself for every 10 pounds lost. Only 4 more to go for the first reward! I need to make a list. Josh will most likely have to get them for me, since I'm not working, but he'd better enjoy the chance to encourage me! For my first reward I'd like a decent scale. I use the one at mom's, which is not quite reliable. I need my own.
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