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Please Send Healing Prayers & Reiki

Prayers and healing energy would be appreciated right now - especially for my neighbor Renee, who was recently hurt pretty badly.

Apparently Renee and her husband (and dog) went to visit a friend the other night. The driveway forked into three little roads, and they backed into someone's driveway to turn and leave, and the whacko began shooting up their truck. Whacko may have been their friend's brother, I'm not sure. But Renee was hit in the knee and may actually be facing amputation; I think she was hit in one other spot, maybe cracked a rib or something, but I'm not sure. Their dog escaped the cab when Butch ran to get help (I think he was in shock, but apparently left Renee who then had a run-in with the Whacko's wife, who wouldn't call for help), but Butch later found their dog dead on the side of the road, where she'd been hit in the night.

They need prayers and Reiki very badly, and appreciate all help and healing.

Also, Josh has hurt his knee and my dog Achaiah hurt her ankle, and I'd appreciate healing energy for that, too. I'm hoping Achaiah's proves to *NOT* be a break, and I don't have to take her to the vet Monday. I would be extremely grateful for manifesting in that direction.

Thank you so much for all your help and support! Love & Light
Tags: friends, healing, reiki, spirit
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