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Wit's End

We have a major problem with Eden. She has been fighting naptime with increasingly horrific results. This is not a new problem. This week has been especially difficult. Try as we might, we simply have not succeeded in making her sleep. Sometimes she'll skip nap and then fall asleep at a decent hour of 7:30 or 8:00 pm. Other days (and getting more frequent), she'll fight through naptime and then throw hideous, outrageous, all-encompassing tantrums at bedtime, keeping her up until 12:00 or 12:30 in the morning. No amount of punishing awful behavior or rewarding/praising good behavior has made any difference. We have tried practically everything.

Also increasingly, she's disrupting Ivy's sleep. Ivy has now been off 'schedule' (I use it loosely) all week, and for the past two days has been fighting nap AND bedtime herself. I'm seriously at my wit's end.

Now, I'd especially like anyone to weigh in with wisdom if you yourself have dealt with three year olds, or even if you just have an idea.

We have our basic routine. Unfortunately, this sometimes varies from day-to-day depending on Josh's work. A couple weeks ago he was laid off from his day job landscaping for this couple, again - despite reassurances of work through the summer. So we're working on getting his car fixed, and in the meantime we've been spending more time at home. Josh is still working at the church, the hours of which depend on what activities are going on at the church that week.

Josh and I have Discussed this, and I really feel that since the basic routines are no longer effective, what Eden probably really needs is a Schedule. And I mean a strict schedule, where she has video time (they like to wake up and eat breakfast to The Bear in the Big Blue House), learning time, playtime, lunchtime, snacktime, etc. I think we need to work on making something that can stay relatively constant from day-to-day. Ultimately, this would probably help with Josh's job hunt and my Flying.

Speaking of which...my Flying is going well, although I am STILL not prepared to move on past Chapter One yet. While my sink has stayed shiny (and I think this is the longest it's ever stayed consistently shiny), which is usually my biggest difficulty, I've found that my daily routines are giving me the worst time lately. Part of this is the change in routine from Josh no longer working, and also the increasingly long amount of time it's taking to clean up puppy narsty first thing in the morning and at night when we get home. So it seems to me like a Set Schedule might be the thing to try for a while.

I'm also hoping - especially if Josh and I start getting up about an hour before the kids do to get ready and get the floors mopped up - that this will give us more time to do fun things in the future. I'd like to see them play on the playset every day that it's not raining, and having indoor exercise time when it is. We'd all like to start a Family Activity time, and I want to work more often with my bellydancing video.

If I am scheduling everything, I plan to make a priority to have scheduled Reiki and writing times. These are things that are extremely important to me, but get pushed to the wayside all too often due to 'necessity'. I don't want this happening any longer. I'd also like to work in some time to work on learning and practicing a Secret Dream I have harbored for about three or four years now. It will never be accomplished until I take that first babystep.

So that's what I think this family needs. I'd love input and support on this. Thanks to all my friends who lend their wisdom and energies!
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