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Oh, the Synchronicities

Saturday, we had our doula organization's BIRTHday party, part of our celebration for National Doula Month. We celebrated a wonderful doula who won our Doula of the Year award - not only is she responsible for me becoming a doula, she's also the local trainer, she let me carpool with her to the DONA conference last summer, and now she heard about my difficulty getting births and invited me to her Childbirth Education series this week!

So, today and on Thursday, I will visit her CBE classes and make a 10 minute or so presentation about Reiki and Childbirth. She's encouraging me to share my birth experiences, as well, because she thinks that will help her class. Yay for me being a birth goddess!

I really need another client to finish my certification, plus I've been doing a lot of manifesting/abundance work. So I decided to try something different this time - I've infused my handouts with wonderful birth energy, filled them with Reiki, and I hope that the perfect, right clients will come to me. I see myself gaining several new clients and completing all my certification requirements on time! I've also filled the Reiki energy with the intent that anyone who would like to draw on that energy may use it for their birth. This is especially important to me, because when I took my CBE's there for Ivy and the people from the previous class series came to share their birth experience, all but ONE family had cesareans! It made me really glad to be able to go back and share positive stories of my own birth - and it says something about our local hospital, I think.

So hopefully a few families will be touched by my talk and feel drawn to my own energy. I took a long break after having Ivy, but I am so ready to start attending births again! I miss it terribly. I want to be an active doula with at least two clients every month. Please hold me in prayer and see it as so!

I've also been thinking lately about how I'd like to make my energy work a major part of my life path. Hopefully any clients would be open to Reiki, but I'm also looking for ways to practice my lightwork outside of births - any and everywhere! berryhappy sent me an invite for a fantastic Lightworkers group, and I'm so excited to see these things coming together for me. I am putting forth the intent to receive a massage table from the Universe, so that I can begin offering Reiki sessions as a career path.

Being extremely blessed with friends, another great Ljer, manifest_now sent me a guided meditation CD that I feel will really help me with this focus. I haven't had a chance to sit down and go through it yet, but I'm hoping to do that tonight. Thank you both for your help!

Two nights ago, I was surprised to find a large frog sitting in our driveway. We're not near water. I looked in Ted Andrew's Animal Speak, which says that frogs symbolize abundance, creative energy, and transformation. I got so excited! "This is what I've been talking to you about all day," I told Josh. I am grateful for the Universe's support as I work mindfully to create my ideal life path.

Thank you, God!
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