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Thank you for the warm birthday wishes, everyone. I had a totally lazy weekend, mostly trying to learn how to make icons. I'll try to get caught up on my commenting swiftly.

Unfortunately, I also regained 3 of the 5 pounds I'd lost! Yipes! I'm going to need to crack down on the health changes this week. I am getting more exercise than usual, because Josh is still out of commission with his ankle. He's using a splint and crutches to get around, but it's still giving him some trouble. So I've been carrying the kids around, and the puppies in and out to pee, and trying to get things for Josh while intercepting Ivy from her newest trouble-making endeavor. :) I'm also helping Josh at work - he works at our church - setting up chairs and wheeling stacks around, things like that that he can't do right now.

Anyway, so I'm being more active, but now that the birthday cake is gone, I'll probably do better on the diet. In this post, I invited anyone to join up with me to be Health Buddies, working together and encouraging each other along. Several people signed up - and are enthusiastically finding the groove of it!

I haven't heard back from everyone, but the folks listed in the post have agreed to have their journals published here. They all encourage folks to friend up with them and all support each other as a group. If you want to be added to this Health Buddies circle, comment here and I'll add your name to the list. Thanks for such great energy and support, everyone!


Edited to add:


Comment here to be added

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