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Cleaning House

Due to my massive F-list and the surreal amount of time it takes me to stay caught up on LJ, I have had to clean out my F-list. If you were removed, please don't take it personally. I tried to only remove folks who had not friended me, never commented, and/or never reply to my comments. Now, I don't feel people have to friend me back in order for me to enjoy reading and commenting on their journal, but if they continue pretending I'm not there or ignoring my input, then it's a waste of time & energy.

I've also removed myself from a few communities that no longer hold my interest. This is not a reflection of the communities, but of my own personal interests at this time.

Thank you for enjoying the ride with me for a little while.

To the rest of my friends, I have several filters - 'personal', Reiki Master, & Ladies Only. If you're not on one of these and you'd like to be, please let me know.

Tags: friends, lj
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