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Just for today I will find homes for puppies & follow my dreams

Today we'll be taking the puppies to church with us. Hopefully people will have open, receptive hearts and take one (or more!) to a loving home. I've tried posting on the local Freecycle, keep getting tons of inquiries, but they all fall through. Please keep your fingers crossed that we can get them homes today. I do NOT want to take them to a shelter, but we've run out of money and they're eating us out of house and home! We go through about 4 20-pound bags of dog food a week!

I see them finding their true 'best friend' at church today, and being eagerly welcomed into a family.

I'm also excited about church for another reason this morning. I've been looking forward to a seminar they're having after service, Follow Your Dreams with Gene Wall Cole. This is particularly fitting for me, as I'm working hard to complete my doula certification (*and* I'm going to suck it up and start submitting short stories...I've also posted an ad on Freecycle looking for a portable massage table so I can start a Reiki practice in earnest...)

So I'm very excited about this class! I've heard good things. Here's the blurb from the schedule on Unity's Website:

Follow Your Dreams:Collapse )
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