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This #%$&*^ Weekend Just Keeps Getting Better & Better

I guess I was pretty tired, because I fell asleep when I put Ivy down for her nap. Eden was watching her new favorite movie, Eight Below, and came to wake me up when it was over. Guess what I found when I walked out of the bedroom.



She'd put some things on my chair so that she could climb up and reach my pen jar on top of my desk.

We're talking: the walls, Josh's weight bench, her & Ivy's TV, bookshelf, her toy angel, the kitchen counters, my suitcase, computer desk & mouse pad, the refrigerator... and as we just found out, INSIDE the refrigerator.

Josh had some stuff called 'goof off', which smells like it's basically paint thinner, and that helped a bit. We got it off the kitchen counters, and most of it off of the fridge. A lot of what was on the walls came off, but the rest is just a big purpley-black stain. Josh's weight bench won't come off at all, and when I tried to use it on the cheese drawer in the fridge, it pretty much ate through the plastic. And she's lucky that was an old suitcase.

Tags: dumbasses, eden, life
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