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Balm Icons: Rest & Be Soothed

Both ascadulineadept and amadareneko requested Balm/'This, too, is sacred' icons in my request post. I think that I did a better job on these Balm icons than I did on the Jasmine icons. I may try to revisit those sucky ones later. I'm still learning, and my goal is to learn at least one new technique with each batch. I really like the way these turned out.

I may be partial to Balm, though. While night_court sorted me as a Gentian adept, I think Balm would be an easy tie for me. Balm House really calls to me, so maybe it's just that I had better ideas with this one. As always, feel free to take, credit, & share - and feedback is always encouraged and savored reverently. :D


1. BalmCompassion_ahavah_ehyeh

2. BalmHouse_Ahavah_Ehyeh

3. FallUpward?_Ahavah_Ehyeh

4. ThisTooBalm_Ahavah_Ehyeh

5. SacredBalm_Ahavah_Ehyeh

6. 2BalmRest_Ahavah_Ehyeh

7. 2BalmHouse_Ahavah_Ehyeh

8. 1BalmRest_Ahavah_Ehyeh

9. 1BalmHouse_Ahavah_Ehyeh
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