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I'm gone...(a birth! Yay!)

I'm heading to Florida, to doula for ladysmith! Let's just hope I make it in time to actually attend this birth, and put my certification woes behind me.

I'm SO excited. This will be my very first time meeting an internet friend! Not just any internet friend, either - ladysmith is the one who introduced me to LJ, and many other fabulous realms of the internet. She's also Head Mod at my very favorite RPG group ever: The Night Court RPG (based on those Kushiel books I've been batty for lately).and just a generally cool chick and great friend. I'm stoked beyond words...so I'm hurrying out the door!

I don't know how long I'll be gone, but I may be able to check in occassionally. Keep your fingers crossed that I make it in time for active labor! And of course, send blessings to the new mama-to-be (as well as Ivy, who is likely to handle this poorly).

Tags: birth, doula, friends

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