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Goodbye, Jaspar

Well, I got home really late last night - after 11 pm. Apparently yesterday Josh's dog Jaspar started getting pretty sick & wouldn't eat. Looking at him when we got home, we suspected parvo. We gave him gatorade & planned to take him to the vet when they opened, but by then it was already too late. He passed on last night.

It was so fast, the family is having a hard time acclimating. Please hold Jaspar & our family in your hearts, and especially Josh.

Thank you.

God bless you, Jaspar, and thank you for the time you spent with our family. We're so sorry that we weren't able to catch it soon enough. You were a beautiful friend.

Rest in Peace, Jaspar. April 6, 2006-August 17, 2006

Tags: achaiah, family, josh, life, pets
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