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So I've decided that I want to get involved with the SCA.

I've looked into it a bit before, but it was some wonderful discussion (and pictures!) during my week with ladysmith that really piqued my interest. I've just spent way too many hours pouring over their website, and I discussed it with Josh - who's actually interested in checking it out with me!

I am, sadly, extremely ignorant in...well, in probably every subject explored in the SCA. LOL I've always wanted to learn, though, and (at least for me) there's no better way to learn than by doing! So I've borrowed more of my mom's Universal History of the World books and am trying to learn more about history & medieval cultures. My web-surfing shows that I live in the Kingdom of Atlantia, specifically the Barony of Hawkwood. There are meetings every Sunday at the park near my mom's house & our church, where we spend just about every Sunday anyway, so we're going to see about dropping by soon and checking things out.

I have no clue where to go from there. I do know that I would LOVE to learn how to sword fight. I've always wanted to learn. Josh wants to, too. I'm particularly interested in (ideas snagged from this interest list): archery, bardic arts, brewing & vintning, book binding, candlemaking, combat, cooking, herbalism, jewelry work, needlework (I've always wanted to learn, but it's nowhere near a passion), performance arts, persona development (I'm a major character-driven RPGer, so I can see this becoming a bit of an obsessive passion), and pottery. I see a whole bunch of stuff Josh has wanted to learn about, too.

I'm really hoping that this is something I'll be able to pursue. It looks like it would be tons of fun, and would give us an opportunity to explore a LOT of things that have interested me for a good long time. I may even be able to make some new friends (I hope). We'll see how it goes.
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