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Health Buddies Update

It's been a while since we checked in! How is everyone doing?

For those who are new to the f-list (and there's several -- everyone wave and say hi), I started a Health Buddies project among my friends here in this post. We currently have a dozen folks who have signed up to encourage & support each other on our mutual quest to get healthy. Feel free to sign up there if you want to be added, and check out the journals of those who are particpating.

For a while I was holding steady at 150 pounds - 20 pounds away from my weight goal, but 49 pounds lost since having baby Ivy! After coming back from my Florida trip, I seem to be holding steady at 152. I've gained back a couple pounds, but I'm not worried because I'm eating more healthy foods!

My buddy ladysmith and her husband are health-conscious shoppers. Honestly, their pantry put me to shame! I was very inspired by the natural/organic/whole wheat ingredients they used. She even cooked me tofu that I actually enjoyed. So when I came home, I sat down and had a long talk with Josh about my goals and concerns. Getting the kids to eat a variety of foods - let alone healthy foods - has been a challenge. And sometimes when I do cook more healthy foods, Josh snerks and 'finds something for himself'. So of course Eden expects the same thing when she doesn't care for what I've cooked. I explained to him that I was concerned about our kids eating habits and health, and that I felt it was very important that we lead by example. I know how dedicated he is to exercise, but I pointed out that it's not doing much good if we're not using healthy fuel to facilitate that.

So my wonderfully supportive Beloved has agreed to expand our eating horizons. He even tried some of the tofu stirfry I made (which Ivy LOVED and would not stop eating). I've started doing a lot of shopping at Amazing Savings, which is a discount organic store. The health food stores around here are *outrageous*, which is why I never shopped there. I know it's worth it to keep my family healthy, but when you're on a budget, it's tough call between eating organic and eating all month. ~LOL~ Anyway, I heard about this discount store, which is out-of-the-way but totally worth the drive. I've switched to mostly organic & whole grain snacks for the kids and am slowly introducing new foods like tofu & tempeh, vegi chips, etc. and even found a chocolate soy milk that Josh & the kids love (8th Continent).

I don't know a lot about healthy foods, sad to say, or how to cook them. I've always had my 'standard' recipes that get switched up between frozen dinners & pizza. I really want to grow as both a cook and a consumer. I've joined a few new communities that I hope will help out. I'll be checking out the archives of one of my favorites, food_porn, and I joined up at eatingnaturally, naturalfamily, and bodyforlife (I started Body-for-Life before but never committed to it; I'm contemplating trying it out again in the future).

I've also checked out SavingDinner, which I learned about through FlyLady. There are sample menus & grocery lists that you can print out, so I've printed *ALL* of the sample menus and plan to try each one. If I find a good one for us, I may save up and buy a subscription. She has several choices for menus - Regular, Low-Carb, Body Clutter, Frugal, Crock Cooker, Vegetarian, & Heart Healthy. That's six weeks of new recipes to try! (Body Clutter is the same menu as Low-Carb, but with day-time meal & snack suggestions).

We're also getting out more. We went hiking/berry picking over the weekend, which the kids LOVED. Baby-steps, though, since poor Eden isn't used to climbing all over the mountain (and she had new shoes & got a big blister! Bless her heart. I had to carry her back out). We're going to try to get out hiking, walking, or biking at least once a week while the weather holds.

So that's where we are right now. How are you doing?


Aug. 21st, 2006 02:36 pm (UTC)
wow.. good on you sweets! my own weight is just about topped out at my highest.. it's most distressing. One of these days, very soon, I will find my strength again and get rid of it. It's sad when you have NO FREAKING CLOTHES to wear because last time I lost weight I ditched all my fat clothes... cuz.. I'll never be that size again right? WRONG. *insert sigh here*

Thank you for inspiring me today. I think I'll take a walk to the outdoor market near work at lunch and stock up on fresh veggies and fruits. That will get me off my duff at the same time.

Aug. 21st, 2006 02:52 pm (UTC)
Oh man, I have been there (several times, lol). I'm glad to know that I've inspired you! Maybe I'll start posting yummy, healthy recipes when I find them. I definitely suggest checking out those sample menus from Saving Dinner. It comes complete with a shopping list and nutritional info.

Have a good walk! I'd wanted to take the kids to the park today & walk around the track, but it's been super rainy here. Guess I'll have to just put on music and clean the house instead. *pout*
Aug. 21st, 2006 03:46 pm (UTC)
DANCE around :o)... guaranteed to get that cardio up :o)...
Aug. 21st, 2006 04:20 pm (UTC)
Oh definitely! We have "move it, move it" time every day. Ivy *LOVES* that song "I like to move it, move it" that plays on the credits of their movie, Madagascar. We'll put the credits on and take a dance break several times a day. :-D