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Yes, my &#*$^@# sink is shiny! (lol)

Ok, they say third time's a charm...

Now that I'm home and somewhat settled in, I'm BACK on the FLY-wagon. For the love of my sanity, someone please help me make sure I stay there!

I have very definitive goals (besides just staying on the damn wagon this time):

  • We want to have a birthday cook-out for Ivy on Saturday, September 2. I'm hoping that my dad, sister, brother, etc. can come up. I want my house to be Company Ready.

  • My church is doing the 4T Prosperity program again this September. I want to take it. I've taken it a few times before, and it *always* helps me. I'm hoping that it will help me solidify my doula business a bit more. The only problem - I don't know where my workbook & cassettes are. They're supposed to be somewhere around here ... I need to find them in time to sign up. *fingers crossed*

  • Got dressed to the shoes
  • Did dishes
  • Did my load of laundry for the day (ok, Mount Washmore isn't all done & they're not all put away, but baby steps)
  • Shined my sink! For good this time!
  • Swept the floors
  • Mopped the floors
  • Bathed the dog
  • Washed the tub

    Josh even pitched in - he vacuumed and cleaned the bedroom (a feat in itself; that bedroom was getting icky).

    I may even do an evening routine, if I get back to being motivated. I hope to at least stay caught up with the daily missions through the email group and going through the daily baby-steps in the welcome letter.

    I MUST stick with it this time! Lord knows, this family needs routine. And Ivy's all too quick to get into, well, everything.
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