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Ivy's First Birthday

Technically this was not actually on her first birthday, but this was the little family celebration we had when I got back from Florida. I don't have pictures of her actual birthday, because my mom's camera was out of batteries. :( I felt so bad about missing it, but hopefully having several parties made up for it. ~LOL~ We're planning a big cookout celebration for her in a couple of weeks, too.

Teaser: Ivy learned how to say "Cheese" on her birthday. She hasn't quit yet.

This is a giant inflatable sword, since Eden already had an inflatable sword. We didn't know it was giant, though. Now they just fight over the big one.:

A hippo ball pit/swimming pool/sandbox (that did not come with as many balls as they had pictured on the cover of the box *growl*):

Birthday (cup)cake (after the first tentative taste):

Ivy still cheesing it (my favorite of the pics, by far):

And because I'm a dork and I just really like this picture, me visiting the ocean on my drive home :P :

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