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Answers to the Ahavalicious test

From This Post (Take the quiz before you read the answers!)

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Question #1 What is my real name?
Amanda Correct!

Question #2 How did Josh & I meet?
Went to school together
He dated my friend Correct!
I dated his friend
We were neighbors

I reiterate: they were broken up for months before we got together. lol

Question #3 How did I get into Reiki?
Through a friend
Through church Correct!
Through a chance healing session
Usui Sensei came to me in a dream

Question #4 How did I get into doula-ing?
Through a friend
Through church Correct!
Through my own doula
Penny Simkin came to me in a dream

Question #5 How did I get into writing?
Through a friend
Through an editor
Through a teacher Correct!
Dr. Seuss came to me in a dream

Question #6 How did I get into BDSM?
Through a friend Correct!
Through a magazine article
Through a boyfriend
Midori came to me in a dream

Question #7 What is my dream home?
A stone castle
A log cabin
A hidden cave system
A self-sufficient farm Correct!

A stone castle was my dream home as a kid, and I would still enjoy one. Or a hidden cave system, actually...

Question #8 What did I go to school for?
Creative writing
Sign Language Interpreting Correct!
Women's Studies
A generic 'liberal arts' major

Question #9 Who is my favorite author?
Jacqueline Carey
Jean M. Auel
Stephen King
Orson Scott Card Correct!

Question #10 Who is my favorite musician?
Bob Marley
John Lennon
Ella Fitzgerald
Keller Williams Correct!

Seriously, if you've been my friend for more than a week, you should know this one. LOL If you're not familiar with Keller Williams, check out some of his live stuff here. It's SO good.

Question #11 What is my favorite band?
The Grateful Dead Correct!
The Beatles
Tenacious D

Question #12 What's my favorite book series?
The Earth's Children series
The Alvin Maker series
The Ender series
The Kushiel's Legacy series Correct!

Question #13 What is my totem?
Wolf Correct!

This post tells how I met my totem

Question #14 What's my favorite Labyrinth character?
Ambrosius Correct!

rotflmao - everyone picked Ludo

Question #15 What's my favorite Princess Bride character?
The Sicilian
Inigo Montoya Correct!

Question #16 Who is one of my favorite Earth's Children characters?
Creb Correct!

Question #17 Who is one of my favorite Kushiel's Legacy characters?
Ysandre Correct!

Question #18 Because I could only narrow it down to 2...another Kushiel fav:
Berengere Correct!

This one I only recently determined after reading Scion. Throughout all the books, she makes small but powerful appearances. I dig it.

Question #19 What's my favorite smell?
Cinnamon Rolls
Nag Champa
Newborns Correct!

Question #20 What is my newest interest I'm squeeing over?
SCA Correct!
Icon making
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