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A Year On This Path

Today is my one year blogiversary! I decided to look back at my first post. Wow! I set a pretty powerful intention there. Maybe I should have looked back at it a few more times. ;)

I got a bit nostalgic, so I decided to pick my top 12 blog entries. The original intent was to find my favorite from each month, but some months were better than others. I know I have several new friends here. If you find yourself coming upon a friend-locked or filtered post that you're interested in, just drop me a line and let me know to add you. If it speaks to you in some way, please feel free to leave your opinion.

So, in chronological order (since I couldn't determine how to rate them), I give you:

1. What is Reiki?
I did my best to explain a wonderful energy that I am still exploring and learning. I hope I did a decent job, although I have considered coming back and editing this post.

2. And now a letter from the Front Lines
I just had a lot of fun with this one.

3. Best Birthy Books
A 'Must Read' list for anyone having a baby or just contemplating it. The post contains my personal favorites, and the comment section offers many more good suggestions.

4. My Reiki Roots
Just a little backstory.

5. Why am I on your friends list?
This is fifth on the list, but probably one of my favorites. This began as a meme that was going around, but the answers pleasantly surprised me. I've made wonderful connections with so many people from all over. I never would have met most of you otherwise, and I'm amazed at how many 'strangers' have become dear and cherished friends. This is definitely a post I hope you'll contribute to, even if you've responded once and the reasons have changed. :)

6. Why am I a Doula?
This was part of an 'ask me anything' meme and explains one of my passons.

7. Would You Like Distance Reiki?
I have this post linked to my profile, for anyone to make a request at any time. I love getting requests and having the opportunity to practice my distance healing.

8. Meeting My Totem
This was actually a cross-post from one of my yahoo groups, but I really enjoyed the experience.

9. Friendy Memey Goodness
I just had a good time focusing on each of my friends, perusing their journals and coming up with the answers to this one.

10. Ivy's Hospital Scare
This is possibly my favorite entry. Not because I feel it was particularly well written, and certainly not because of the experience itself. I just had so much going through me. This was the single most terrifying event of my life. I had to vent it, and writing has always been my therapy. But it was the amazing outpouring of love that helped me remember how truly blessed I am. I am so grateful to everyone - not just for the love, which I truly needed, but also for all the prayers, reiki, and blessings that went out to Ivy. I know without a doubt that all the prayer lists she was put on and all the hearts she was held in helped her to make such a quick recovery, with no permanent damage.

11. My “For the Love of All Holiness, Please Don’t!” Peeve List
On a completely different note...lol...

Say what you will, but I love a good snark. I thought I did a pretty good job on this one. Apparently others did too, because this is my post that's gotten the most comments.

12. 101 Things
I'm really excited about this project. I'll enjoy crossing out the entire list, and doing tons of things I've always wanted to do. If anyone wants to buddy up, let me know.

And just for a couple bonuses:

Here is the biggest "ROTFLMAO" moment in my blog rounds.

And this was a personal favorite:

I died in the Dungeon of Ahavah Ehyeh

I was killed in an unnatural tunnel by Witchwillow1 the arch-demon, whilst carrying...

the Crown of Ookthelibrarian, the Armour of Dreaming Two, the Sceptre of Role Playing, a Figurine of Mc Questionmark, the Sceptre of Spirits, the Shield of Bdsm and 85 gold pieces.

Score: 130

Explore the Dungeon of Ahavah Ehyeh and try to beat this score,
or enter your username to generate and explore your own dungeon...

I spent an indecent number of hours playing every one of these things that showed up on my friends page. I had days of geeky fun over it.

Thank you for coming along with me!

In one year:

* Friends: 111

* Journal entries: 307

* Comments: Posted: 5,098 - Received: 4,386

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11deliriousgal59 59
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