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Friending Frenzy

In honor of my one year blogiversary, I swiped this really cool idea from my new friend tru2myart. Friend her too, cause she's nifty.

Ok, I'm a gonna do it. I'm having a FRIENDING FRENZY!! *lays out the chips, dip and booze*

I'm really nervous about this so please PLEEEEEEEASE participate my wonderful, beautiful, intelligent, witty f-list. *pleads and bats her eyelashes*

I have a lot of fantastic friends and not only would I like some of you to meet, as I think you'd get along splendidly, but I'd like to meet some of your friends as well. Anything anyone wants to know about me I'll be glad to talk about.

So if you all are feeling up to it, tell everyone a bit about yourselves and I'll be happy to back you. Invite your friends, bring your board games, makes yourselves at home.

As Mike Meyers would say:
"Talk amongst yourselves."
Tags: friends
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