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Notice to all Friends - new, old, & considering

Hello, friends! I am honored that you have chosen to walk this path with me for a little while. I hope that you find many things that resonate for you here. I am generally an open book, in that I believe that we can all learn from each other and support each other in our various endeavors. I look forward to making new friends and cultivating relationships that might never have happened otherwise. There are many people here with whom I feel a very special connection, folks who are more than just a faceless handle on the internet, and I am so grateful that our paths (and sometimes hearts) have come together for a bit.

I have come to realize, though, that having clear boundaries for myself is essential. My personal philosophy is that if I don't agree with something said or the essence of who someone is, then I just don’t pay attention or create unnecessary strife over it. While a lofty goal, obviously everyone online does not share my sentiments. I’ve had some challenges now in a few different venues. I strive to stay as drama-free as possible. After dealing with unnecessary harassment issues, I have decided to revamp my journal and implement some more stringent security measures.

I recently made a lot of new friends, and I hope this will give me the time and energy necessary to stay caught up on the active friends’ journals and make even deeper connections. My f-list is extensive, and at least ¼ of them are no longer active or the connection just hasn’t been made. Given that subjects I’d kept private for a reason are beginning to repeatedly plague me in public forums, I’ve decided to be more mindful about what I share with whom. I am not angry, and in fact, I appreciate the opportunity to be more mindful of my level of personal responsibility. This has been a fantastic life lesson.

Any deleted, old, or inactive journals will be removed from my f-list. If you just don't like me, this is your chance to bow out gracefully. All folks who defriend me will also be defriended. If we’ve been LJ friends for a long while and the connection was just lost or never made, the journal will be removed. It’s nothing personal. I still hope that if someone is checking in to read along, that they still find something of substance in my public entries.

Existing friends will have new security levels. This does not reflect you as a person, but reflects who I feel comfortable sharing what with. If I know you really well, I’d be more inclined to share my private thoughts & foibles. If that connection has not yet been made, let’s cultivate it in the meantime, and you will likely be added to many new filters. New folks: please do not be discouraged from making a friend request! I love making new friends!

If you feel you are seeing things that you’re just not interested in, simply contact me and I will remove you from that filter. If you’re concerned that you’re not getting some messages that deeply interest you, contact me and we’ll work it out. If you’re upset about being dropped from a certain filter or the whole list, contact me privately. Any discussion you wish to engage in regarding this is fully encouraged, but not here. Feel free to email me privately or reach me on IM at Yajolimyr@yahoo.com If you hear no response, your letter likely went to my spam box, so please try IM.

Thank you so much for your respectful understanding.
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