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Where have I been? Been a busy little bee…

Hello! Thank you everyone for all of the nudges and emails to check on me. It’s so wonderful knowing that I have so many friends who care deeply for me. It’s been a great reminder as I’ve struggled with a lot of stress lately. I’m awfully sorry to have gone on a friending spree and then disappear! This time I’m not even going to attempt to read back on all I missed, but if I did miss something important to you, please drop a line here and let me know.

This past month (six weeks, really) has been a whirlwind. I have a lot of posting to catch up on, including some picture posts and requested topics that have been emailed to me. I hope to have a regular internet schedule now. We had been house sitting for my mom as she was out of town, since my sister needed rides to work and they were again being plagued by the crazy break in guy that some of you may remember from last year. Then we got back only to find that the internet had been shut off in our absence (for some reason Josh doesn’t view it as a ‘necessity’. LOL). On the positive side, this was just what we needed to give Josh the nudge he needed to get out there and find another job! Yay! So we’ve been waking up at 5:30 every morning, and the kids are only just starting to adjust to the new routine. It’s been challenging, but illuminating. Our car broke down twice during this time, sending us back to staying with my mom. Luckily, we’re in a position to be able to have it fixed both times. Things are definitely looking good, even if the road is cobbley. :P

So here’s a little general update as to how things are with me. Many of these might have their own separate posts in the future. For those of you who are walking a certain path with me (health buddies, flybabies, mommies, whatever), please feel free to take a moment and share your recent experiences here.

My certification process is almost complete. I’ve closed the cycle with my last client and wrote my birth essays. At the last moment, I decided to go ahead and order the extension from DONA Int’l. I deeply, fervently want to get my certification essay published in their International Doula magazine (in fact, it’s number 11 on my Mission 101 List, which I am determined to fully complete. I realized that I could write a better essay, and so I’m reviewing some of my literature – namely The Doula Book, The Birth Partner, and back issues of ID that had been given to me. I’m paying particular attention the essays they have published, and I hope to write something with a new perspective but still tailored to the spirit of the organization and the magazine. Once I’ve finished this, I will be actively seeking Beta Readers. An interest in doulaing and writing is NOT required. I’ll be hoping for a fresh eye to point out what I may not have considered.

I have been trying to be more diligent in my reiki work. I was so pleased to see that, despite my absence, the distance healing list has stayed pretty steady. I’ve been holding everyone in heart, and I’ve enjoyed making new friends and having the opportunity to practice my distance skills. I’ve also done several physical healings for Josh, who is dealing with some shoulder bursitis, and the kids as we’re being more conscious about sharing our energy work.

A woman in my 4T prosperity course learned that I was a Reiki Master and spoke with me about the possible co-facilitation of a Reiki Share for our Love-in-Action requirement (volunteering of time & talents). I’m still in the talking stages, but I think this may become a reality. Having served on the board at my church, I’ve heard that there used to be a regular ‘healing night’ that unfortunately petered out due to lack of participation. This will be something we’ll have to review as we plan how to go about doing a Reiki Share, and if it will even become a regular thing (as opposed to just the duration of the 4T class). And our church stays so busy during this season, I haven’t even spoken with the minister to see what the availability is and if this is something they’d like to support. I’m trusting Spirit to help everything work out in Divine order. As I tried to decide whether this was something I had the time to devote to, I kept seeing “Do it” messages everywhere. :) I’m optimistic.

My main hesitancy was that, while I’ve participated etherically in some ceremonies through my Medicine Reiki group, I’ve never actually attended a Reiki Share. I did notice a local listing for a reiki circle at a local venue though, on the 1st & 3rd Mondays, so I’m going to try and check that out next time it comes around. I know that several of my friends here attend or lead such activities, and I’d love to get any input or advice if you’re willing to share!

Oh my! No, no…wait! Don’t give up on me. LOL I was doing so well with my FLYing before all the craziness began. Such progress! My house was by no means decluttered – we just still have too much STUFF (Something That Undermines Family Fun) and no storage in our home to put it all – but the house was beginning to look quite presentable. I was so proud of myself. After I returned from Florida, I was able to hold not one but THREE family cookouts at my home. I haven’t had family come to town for a long time, and it was nice to be able to throw open my doors and welcome them. And I didn’t even have to stay up all night doing Crisis Cleaning the night before! Man, I had it so together, that two of those cookouts were on the same day, and I was able to clean up the lunch cookout and have everything prepared by the time the next batch of family (cousins) could make it in for dinner.

After coming home from three separate stays with mom (and the first time the car had broken down was the night we finally came home from house sitting), it’s like a tornado hit the house. I’ve only just now wrestled Mt. Washmore into submission, and I’m trying to get back on the ball with my routines. Of course, having not been here to keep up the FLYing, I’m now beginning from scratch, to keep track of my 28 consistent days on my 101 list.

I’m back to working on decluttering, and since it’s obvious that the winter clothes need to be brought out soon, I’ll be going through everyone’s clothes again soon. I even had Eden help me go through one of her toy boxes to choose a grocery bag full of toys to give away. Since she has a hard time sharing, I thought it might be a difficult endeavor, but she is excited about giving toys to the little girls and boys who barely have any. My original intention had been to take them to Goodwill, but Eden is set on *personally* giving these toys to the kids who need them. So I think I’ll call a shelter or something and see if there’s a need there.

Things are holding steady with my effort to get healthier and fitter. I’ve not lost anymore weight, but I have improved with eating less sweets, more vegis, and more water. I saw several people, at church and at a local doula meeting, who I have not seen in months, and I got much positive feedback. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Also as part of the aforementioned 101 list, we’ve been taking the girls out to new places every week. And not just new places, but also revisiting some old favorites. I will be sharing some of these experiences in the weeks to come.This has provided many opportunities for us to take nice long walks together as a family, and I think this is a great thing not just for my health, but for setting a positive family example. I’ve also noticed that Eden has less issues with tantrums the more we go out together. Now that Josh is working all day every day, we make it a point to go out together on any day he has off. I’m providing more opportunities for the girls to get out while we’re alone together all day, even if it’s just walking down the road to the mailboxes or running errands with me (long, long before naptime, lest it turn into an embarrassing public meltdown – learned that the hard way).

Thanks to my recent visit with ladysmith, I’m very interested and excited about getting involved with the SCA. I had had trouble connecting with my local group, since the links & website info were old. I’d contacted the local Chatelaine and learned that fighter practices are held weekly on Sunday afternoons (which conflict with my 4T class) and business meetings are held monthly on the first Wednesday (which conflict with every-other meeting of my local doula group). I was really starting to think I would never connect with them! In the meantime, I continued reading on the SCA website and links, and some history of the world books, sharing with Josh what I learned. Then one Sunday, 4T was canceled, and so we headed out to find the group!

Boy, do Eden and Ivy both want to jump in sword fighting! LOL Maybe in a few more years…But it was fun to watch and network with some of the local folks. They were really nice, helpful, and welcoming. The Baroness took my card and promised to send me an invite to the closed yahoo group, which I just received last night.

Josh and I had several discussions as I shared my learning about the SCA. He’s not really into role playing, which is totally my thing, but he does have a strong interest in learning how to make armor and weaponry. He’s been interested in metal for some time, and has been trying to teach himself about blacksmithing and welding in particular. I really want to learn to fight and do archery, explore the bardic arts. We worked together to come up with some ideas that we feel work for both of us. I shared several of the countries and cultures that I felt particularly interested in, but stressed that I’m going to be having a ball just doing it at all, and I wanted him to have a major part in choosing our first (and I do plan to have most likely several) personas. I explained that I don’t just want this to be something that I’m dragging him along to, but something that he can feel equally passionate and excited about.

So after much reading, sharing, and discussion, we finally decided that we will be exploring a Japanese culture. We haven’t yet narrowed down a time period, but we’re mostly looking at creating personas who live some time between 1300-1600, with heavy interest on the samurai culture (so far…nothing decided yet). This is all new information to me (and I feel pathetic at my ignorance, but happy to be doing something about it *grin*), so it may be a long process. I’m really hoping that I can have a persona of the warrior woman class and yet somehow still work in my reiki/energy work. Perhaps a tie to Buddhism or a monestary? (Surprising to learn that there was much killing and fighting by the warrior monks. I’d always thought Buddhism was about breaking the bonds of suffering, but perhaps I just have a simplistic view of it. I will endeavor to learn more about midieval Buddhism, if I can find the resources).

I’m just going to list what I’m currently working on here. I think this will most likely develop into one or several posts of it’s own, but since my 1 month anniversary passed on October 2, I did want to check in and update.

1. Organize this list
34. Get a paid LJ account Thank you, simplydorei!
70. Pay library fine & return all books that aren’t mine This one was harder than I anticipated! Through leaving some books at home when I had no car to return them – a huge stack, all about a month overdue (one lost) – plus the fine I hadn’t already paid off completely, I returned to the library to find that my fine had taken over the world at a charge of over $100!!! Thank the Lord Josh had a job and we were caught up on bills, fixing cars, and diapers! I’m giving massive amounts of thanks that we were just able to take care of that all at once. Talk about incentive to keep FLYing and hurry up and get FlyLady’s calendar (#36)…

In Progress:
3. Learn how to make a compost pile
9. Get my DONA, Int’l certification
24. Read 101 books, including 3 from:
25. The New York Times Bestseller list
29. Poetry Books
35. FLY consistently for 28 days
42. Choose a persona
56. Start a homeschool routine with the girls
59. Go a full day without scolding or yelling
(Yes, still shooting for a FULL day)
85. Meditate every day for a month
95. Send a card/wk for 6 weeks
96. Do EFT everyday for 6 weeks
98. Take the family somewhere new every week for 3 months
100. Do the 4T Prosperity Program (3 months)

I’m also going to attempt to begin #88 – Keep a Journal for a month – really soon, if only to help me keep up with all of my progress and destressing! I will continue updating the list here.

So that’s me in a giant nutshell right now. :)
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  • Josh & Cherry

    Josh was on his way home, on my bike, and some asshole came flying down the road in his lane. Josh had to take the bike off the road or be run over,…

  • Bike Update

    I've had my bike for two weeks now, and it is officially my ride. I'm fairly good on it at this point. Other bikers give me the neato biker wave. I'm…

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