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Immediate Prayer/Reiki Request for my Preacher

Please help in any way you can! Here is an email I received from his wife:

Immediate powerful prayers please for Rev. Chad O'Shea, who has had a heart attack. He is in critical condition in Hollywood Memorial Hospital on E. Johnson St, Hollywood Florida (where he was visiting his brother).

He had angioplasty surgery about 3am, with stents installed in 2 arteries that were 95%blocked. A third artery was 100% blocked.

He is on life support now (Sat 6am); his oxygen numbers were low but are improving; the next 24 hours are a critical time.


Thank you so much! Please hold Chad & his family in the Light. He has two young children and a whole congregation who would like to see him back home swiftly and safely.
Tags: health, life, reiki, spirit

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