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Why I Love My F-List: Part 8

angelofmysoul has been a friend of mine for quite some time now. We've really gotten to connect, a lot of it actually being through MSN messenger. She is such a sweetie!

I love angelofmysoul because she's the type of person who actually cares. She has come to me all concerned when I fall into one of my funks, and talks me through it until I'm smiling again. She listens to me prattle when I'm bored. She is such a good mom, and has a cutie-patootie little baby that is pseudo-close in age to Ivy. We share pictures and mommy stories. She aws at me when my babies do something cute, and prays for me when they're hurting (and vice versa!)

As someone who seems to have trouble connecting with other women, and especially mothers, having a friend like angelofmysoul has been a welcome shift! She also wrote the sweetest Why Ahavah rocks post that left me in tears. (And folks, if you don't know it by now, flattery and gooshy-love get you everywhere with me. :P)

angelofmysoul is lovetastic!

Tags: friends, lj, memes, parenting

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