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Of profiles, layouts, and things

I've been wanting to do a revamp of my journal ever since my Blogiversary. Especially since, during my Request for Feedback, a couple folks listed "layout/design/colors" on my weakness list. Also, my profile has grown to huge and hard-to-read proportions, so that needs a good cleansing, too.

Nobody really posted to any great profiles, so I'm still musing over what makes a *good* one. What do you think? I find a lot of things on other people's profiles that I really like. I also want to try to learn to make banners and pretty boxes and things to break up the text of it. That may be a long, slow project, though.

Right now I think I'll focus on layouts. I may start lurking in the layout communities. I know I really want a layout that lists all my tags in a sidebar. For those of you who have one like that, which one are you using?

Anyway, I guess those are just some musings, and putting it out there so I keep with it. ;) I'd love any suggestions, tips, feedback, etc. Thanks!

EDIT/PS: I'm not getting my email notifications from LJ. I keep trying to check the 'My LJ' thing, but if I miss something a few posts down, I'm sorry! Oh, and the poll is still open, for those of you new folks who may have formed an opinion now. ;)

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