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Stewart Not Your Monkey

Chocolate Box!

I was lucky enough to receive two wonderful Supernatural stories from the [community profile] chocolateboxcomm fanfic exchange! If you're a SPN fan, please take a look. They're both really fun.

Too Good to Be True is a fun crack story (I love my crack, ha ha) that lets Dean get his hands on a grenade launcher.

And Conversations with Escapees gives us the return of Bobby and one of my personal favorites, Gabriel (whose voice is spot-on here).

Enjoy these great Valentine's treats and share a little love with the mystery authors. ♥

Dear Chocolate Box Author,

Thank you for offering me a story in one of these amazing fandoms! I'm looking forward to anything you come up with, but this letter expands on my choices in case you'd like more specific ideas. I have a horrible time coming up with prompts, so seriously, please don't feel locked into these or believe these are the stories of my heart. I'm including some just because I know people like them. I am remarkably easy to please, so if none of these ideas/prompts call to you, feel free to write the fic of your heart and I will surely enjoy it.

I'm also Ahavah on AO3.

No Thank Yous/DNWs:

[Cut for potential trigger content]

  • Rape/Non-con

  • Mpreg

  • A/B/O

  • Mundane AUs

  • Abuse/Humiliation

  • Cannibalism

  • Scat/watersports/vomit/snot

  • Weddings

General likes &/or loves

  • I pretty much like most darker tropes not listed above. Violence, addiction, apocalypse/dystopia (LOVE those), mindfucks, etc. are all fine.

  • BDSM/kink (except humiliation)

  • Happy as well as horrible/tragic/OMGWTF endings

  • Gen, het, slash, ethical polyamory

  • Magic/supernatural

  • Porn! For a short fic exchange like this, no plot necessary unless you just want to

  • Crossovers/fusions (it helps if it's a fandom I'm familiar with – my AO3 lists some of them)

  • Crackfic

  • Casefic/Monster-of-the-week

Thanks for reading, and for considering writing a story for me!

-Fandom info listed under cut-

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