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Farm 101

Now that 2011 is ending and 2012 is about to begin, I thought I should revisit our farm mission101 list. I don't know that I've updated it since we first made it a year and a half ago. So many wonderful things have come to fruition! I'm especially excited about our newest addition and finally having a wonderful homebirth. We've also officially chosen a name for our little homestead, and I've been working on a website.

But in some places we were derailed or changed our minds about the direction we want to go. Time to update and revise the list. I'm also redoing my sections, as going by dates isn't necessarily working.

Start date: Friday, July 23, 2010
End date: Friday, April 19, 2013

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I should have known that I would not be the best at charting. Shoot, I could barely take a pill at the same time. My temps were all over the place, nothing conclusive, and then I pretty much just got lazy. I'm going to try to get back on the temp taking wagon, but my work schedule is all over the place, so I'd have to take it at different times. Could explain why I never saw a set pattern.

I've decided instead to splurge on some of those ovulation tests. Wow, those things are expensive! The box I got came with a mail-in rebate though, so I'll get a little bit back. I'm suspecting that maybe I don't ovulate at day 14 (I wonder what percentage of women actually do?), and I'm very curious to learn my ovulation cycle and luteal phase. Given that both previous times, we got pregnant while actively trying to prevent that, I figured that we'd get pregnant right away once I got my IUD removed. Nope. I'm not discouraged at all, but I am trying to be proactive. I just hope I haven't already ovulated and missed it. Supposedly my fertile time would be this weekend, but taking the test last night showed no LH spike. We shall see.

It's very helpful for me to know that we're not alone. I have at least two or three friends who are also TTC right now. That's really great. And so many pregnant friends, too! I don't believe I ever had a pregger buddy the first two times, so I'm hoping that several of us can walk this path together. Me & my sister would really love to share pregnancies, so I just hope it works out before she's too far along! It would be a fantastic way to share with her despite being across the country now.
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And We Have a Midwife!

The meeting with the midwife went very well yesterday. She seems to be a really cool lady. The kids were super excited about her visit. Then we found out she does an annual Haunted House every year, and Eden had to bust out her haunted house blue prints and bond over it. It was so cute.

Our midwife (how awesome does that sound?) is very comfortable with homebirths and hospital births. She's a certified nurse midwife, so she's able to prescribe if necessary, do labs, have hospital privileges. We did find out that, to her knowledge, the nearest hospital to us is Salem, which is probably an hour or more away. We'll have to ask around and make sure there's not one closer, just in case transport would be necessary. Hopefully it wouldn't though, since that's a rather long way. I have a feeling I would be birthing too fast to make it anyway. Missouri hospitals, or at least the ones around here, are apparently strongly anti-waterbirth, and they don't even want to "allow" women to labor out of the beds. Say what? I'm definitely not interested in a hospital birth around here. That doesn't surprise me, really, but it is disappointing for future doulaing possibilities.

She's even comfortable doing homebirths with twins, which I had to make sure of since Josh's family has several sets of twins. She said there should be no issues as long as the first baby is head down. She always brings a labor assistant, and then I'll have Josh, and hopefully maybe a doula or two. I want the kids to be involved, but I also want Josh to not have to deal with them the whole time. We might have to find someone who could be in charge of childcare here at the house.

The cost, I feel, is very reasonable. She said including prenatal exams, any labs that we want done (although she doesn't push them or find them necessary), the actual birth, postpartum, and baby well-checks to 28 weeks are all included in the cost of $3600. Now, I don't know how much my (hospital) births in Asheville cost, since I was lucky enough to have medicaid then, but I can guarantee you that it was well over 5k, and I wouldn't be surprised if it was upwards of 10k. I'm really excited, because I expected it to be a lot more! Especially since she's over an hour away from us, and she'll do all the driving. This is so different from our previous experiences. All of my prenatals, everything, will be right here at my house! How awesome is that? The only thing we'd have to leave for is if for some reason we find an ultrasound necessary (which would be an additional cost, but she knows the guy who runs the clinic so it's like $35 or something). Since we never find out the sex of the baby beforehand, I have no plans to do a routine ultrasound this time around unless there IS some legitimate reason to check things out.

She also said that there's a discount if you pay by 36 weeks, and that she's all about payment plans and bartering! She was interested in reiki, which she'd never heard of (but saw in my email sig line), and she said that she wanted to do some research on it, but we could potentially do a trade there to knock off some of the price. Since I've been trying to get my butt in gear with restarting my reiki school, that's very encouraging! And Josh had even just found my reiki class worksheets while we were cleaning.

We also have a plan! Apparently she's waiting on a shipment of lab stuff, but as soon as she gets all her necessaries, she'll give me a call and we'll schedule a well-woman visit (here at my house!). I want to go ahead and do a pap and everything before we start trying, since I'm long overdue. So we'll do that, and then when my next period starts up after that, she'll come out (to my house!) and do the IUD removal. She said that will probably change my long, crazy cycles immediately, so yay for that! And it will also probably return my fertility immediately. She was like, "So make sure you're well and truly ready", and I said, "Well, we've been discussing it for months. We're well and truly ready, right baby?" More to assure myself that he's good to go quite so fast, and Josh just grinned and nodded. So sweet! I can't wait!

Someone suggested I read up on the "boy diet" to help increase my chances of conceiving a boy. I've been doing that, and I've already went and bought some potassium supplements to start taking. I'm going to start eating boy-friendly foods, so hopefully it'll all take effect by the time we get that IUD out. Gotta start eating breakfast cereal in the morning, probably with bananas. I'm so bad with eating breakfast (maybe why I have two girls? ha), so that will be a big challenge for me. I may invest in some of those ovulation predictor things to make sure we try right around ovulation. Since I've been tracking my cycles for years with MyMonthlyCycles.com, I checked the ovulation predictor for October. It'll probably depend on my next period and whether it's as late as this one was, but we're tentatively scheduling boy attempt #1 for the full new* moon next month. WOOT! Now that it's all coming together, it's coming together fast!

I'm so happy. I just hope it all works out.

*edited because I realized that website uses the opposite symbol from my calendar.
Natural Birth_lierre

Ooooh, Shiny New Tag!

I'd like to give a hearty huzzah and woot woot to my shiny new tag, TTC! For those who don't know, TTC stands for "Trying to Conceive".

I may be jumping the gun only slightly, but I'm super excited and so here is my first TTC post!

After over a month of nearly fruitless searching, we have finally been given the name and email address of a semi-local midwife! This was the big step we'd been waiting for! I still have my IUD, but if this midwife works out, then we will get it removed and begin the process of actually TTC. In fact, Josh told me last night after we confirmed an appointment for the midwife that we should go ahead and consider ourselves TTC, since it's all starting to fall into place, even if we're not actively trying yet. That was one of the most romantic things that man's ever said to me!

It is our fervent goal to have a homebirth this time around. I have awesome births, we finally have a beautiful home that I would feel comfortable birthing in, and we want the whole family to be involved in the birth. I am so very excited at the prospect! I've never gotten to doula at a homebirth, either, so this would be my first experience. Josh and I have been having some really good discussions lately, and we're both on pretty much the same page. (Oh sure, I want like 10 more kids and he'd be happy with just one, but we'll work that out...) So this midwife has responded, she does annual care in addition to prenatal care, is very excited and experienced with homebirth, comfortable with IUDs and their removal, and will be driving all the way out to our place Wednesday morning to meet with us and see if we're all a good fit together. She seems really sweet and is the ONLY one we've been able to find even remotely near us, so I really hope so. I'm eager to get going!

Josh and I are still discussing our timeline. As long as we can find a midwife that we feel comfortable with, Josh is set to get started. He wants goats &/or sheep first, and I kind of feel like we should make the long drive out to see Tina's new house in Wilmington before we invest in any more animals, so we're contemplating another trip to NC sooner than we'd anticipated. The IUD has really played havoc with my cycles, so I kind of want to get it removed and chart my cycles for a couple of months to get a feel for what my natural cycle would be like. I have a copper, not a hormonal, so my periods have been very wonky since getting the IUD after Ivy was born. I went from like a 4 day light cycle to an 8 day, heavy period, often twice a month (seeing as how they last so long). I'm really hoping that removing it will take me back to a light 3-4 day period. I am much older now, so I know the body does go through changes. But that's part of why I'd like a few trial months before we actually start "trying".

For someone so interested in birth, I really know very little about my personal cycle or natural family planning. After the IUD, my dates are all off and sometimes move around, so I really only know when to expect my period because the internet sends me a little email when it's coming up (thanks to whichever friend suggested MyMonthlyCycles.com years ago!). Back as a teen/in my early 20s, I was like clockwork and never late. Now, I'm not so sure or comfortable of my cycle anymore. It's time to relearn. I don't know when I'm ovulating. Last night I ordered this book and am eagerly looking forward to its arrival and learning all sorts of wonderful baby-making information.

I have never had the luxury of planning a child. Both of our girls were unexpected and were in fact conceived while we were on various types of birth control (the pill and condoms, respectively). It seems that I am a very fertile person *knocks wood*, so I'm hoping that it happens so easily once we're finally ready and willing to try. I especially want a son, and I've been putting that goal out into the Universe for a long time. I've dreamt of my son. I hope he's still waiting after so long. I'll admit, I've been majorly stressing over it since a friend of mine told me that she felt I would always have girls. I've probably been stressing over it way too much. But still, I want my son and plan to try until I have him! I'm excited about the idea, and while I'll love any baby that comes, I would appreciate any boy-thoughts that anyone wants to send our way. This is something I've waited a long time for, and I'm so very glad that we're now in a position to consciously welcome our next baby.

Soon. Very soon.